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CBSIC Management Team

The CBS Investment Club (CBSIC) management team consists of eight highly dedicated current and former CBS students, all sharing a passion for financial markets and stock trading.

Portfolio Management


Jakob Stark


BSc Economics and

Business Administration


Lukas Kopriwa

Head of Partner Relations

MSc Finance and Strategic Management

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Image of Mathias Lindholm

Mathias Lindholm

Head of Finance

MSc Finance and Accounting

Clearwater International

Image of Frederik Bay-Jørgensen 

Frederik Bay-Jørgensen 

Head of Communications

MSc Business Administration and Organisational Communication



Axel Ulveman

Co-Head of Events & Academy

BSc International Business



Image of Mikkel Trampe Broch

Mikkel Trampe Broch

Co-Head of Events & Academy

MSc Finance and Accounting

Nordic Alpha Partners

Image of Celine Rønquist Slåttelia

Celine Rønquist Slåttelia

Head of Social Media

BSc Business Administration and Commercial Law

Copenhagen Atomics


Julia Joanna Palka

Social Media Manager

BSc Business Administration and Management

Ferrosan Medical Devices

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